Culture Clap presents ...

The $01 Quest:

a DAOist Koan

Rather than inspiring personal meditative doubt, a DAOist koan inspires collective cooperative action.

Chapter 1:
The $01 Token

Building a Basic Economy

Tools Needed:
1) a phone w/ data or wifi
2) a quiet space

Provided you have access to this,
you are able to create a widget.

Widgets that can be sold for tokens;
which you can convert into fiat.

Your newly-created-widgets are then placed into an archive, accessed by others to increase their knowledge.

And so,

as these widgets provide value ...

a basic economy is born.

About Culture Clap

On an island somewhere between the equator and prime meridian exists a village where a xamajra spoke,

And the ever enterprising Yahmans have built a great mountain which glows like a sun - giving the peasanthief no moon under which to escape. Their achievement is a great wave onto the sea.

The Calissenes, seeing this sun, seek it; as a spider plunders from a passing breeze. While inside, the Yahmans reign over a star born of mother earth's womb; but of their genius and by the magic of their hands.

Boys work the terraced fields. The women too, tend the fields, the cooking, the cleaning, and often end up becoming the entertainment as well.

It being written, in Yahman law, that any male child born to a Calissene, of Yahman blood, must be cast from the visible and left nameless.

Then from this pen, on the far edge of a glowing mountain, where light meets a precipice before an abyss, Yahman financiers tempt fate, and wrestle the savages, in an attempt to civilize their animal.

And so, their achievement was like a great wave onto the sea. Gathering foam to its crest then plunging back into the deep.

"What does it mean?" asked a leaf having over heard the story.

"Nothing," replied the xamajra, "it simply happened."

Chapter 2:
The DreamDAO

The above widget scenario is based on a real application that is currently in alpha-testing with real customers and contributors.

DreamDAO, in collaboration with this existing team, will manage and steer the project.

Token Drops November 2021

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