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I am a multi-disciplinary participant of life, artist, entrepreneur & educator; each aspect helping to balance another.

I build systems of equilibrium for an otherwise chaotic world.

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DreamFreely | ScreamFreely

I am passionate about making tools to increase human efficiency.

My core technical competancies are in Linux, Django & VueJS

While self-taught, I learned under the oversight and guidance of the Kozmik Yak.

Rebel Coding | Activist Project | idioke & 5Qi Podcast

Rebel Coding

I learned how to code by building a path for myelf, and admittedly, it hasn't been easy. Though nor is anything worthwhile, often enough. Regardless, I want to do my part to help others who are seeking to learn to code, and so I started writing an eight-step program introducing folks to HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Python.

Granted, only the first four-steps have been completed, I've made a copy available for those who'd like to read what exists so far, and support the effort.

Though the complete text, along with further progress, is also available for free via books.rebelcoding.com.


Music | Poetree

I've never been able to differentiate betweet art & science.

They are two sides of the same coin to me.

Art cleanses the sense by which the sciences are studied and explored.

I wrote my first poem near the age of twelve, and I wrote my first song when I was in my early 20's.

The remainder is a reflection of the continuing journey.

White Like Me | When Animals Attack & Acoustic Grooves

White Like Me

White Like Me: The Incoherent Ramblings of an Unmedicated Adolescent is a collection of poetree written as I was coming "out of the fog" of my adoption.

Attempting to reconcile shattered memories and aspirations into an acceptable identity, White Like Me documents the hope, anxiety, and insights that can accompany such a transition.

Written often under the moonlight, audience only to the stars, these are the edited scrawls of a child lost amidst demands for manhood, bereft of a guide.

Compiled from social media posts and notepad etchings, this collection is the beginning of all that would be to come.

About Me

Some have called me a harbinger of what's to come, others a welcome respite from what has been.

I identify as a mission driven anomoly; an orphan-born, Evangelical outcast.

Just another product of what came before ...

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