Author: Canin Carlos

  • Street Teachers

    A burgeoning series of poets speaking from street corners. What started over a decade ago perhaps seeing new light.

  • Fuck Vanity

    A clothing line, perhaps … Though it begins as just an attempt to generate some revenue. An idea that became a template for creating a retail portal via WordPress, WooCommerce and Stripe. Fuck Vanity

  • ScreamFreely

    This is another original seedling. The idea being to be aware of what is happening in public offices on any given day; and be able to track legislation about which one might care. Additionally, rather than serving adds; we would serve survey questions 😉 ScreamFreely.Org

  • Kombucha

    All of the permutations. As a beverage, or further fermented into a vinegar and used for salsa. This is a start into the garden / kitchen play.

  • Digital Art Museum

    Building an online art gallery and making it publicly accessible via local businesses and other WiFi Access Points.

  • Manifesting Empathy

    This is a four-week program covering Sexism, Racism, Able-ism and Power Dynamics. Each week is outlined, topics and activities; though has yet to be implemented on any platform.

  • White Like Me

    It began as a collection of poems. It looks to become a semi-regular conversation.

  • idioke

    idioma + karaoke A project to practice pronunciation in a foreign-language. Also an exercise in using Python for audio-processing.

  • Rebel Coding

    An eight-step program to learn full-stack web/mobile app development. Include a JupyterHub Portal, so learners needs only web browser access to follow the course. Skills taught include shell, ssh, git, html, css, javascript, python, django, vue, nginx and linux. Rebel Coding

  • Exo-CTO

    This began as a collection of need-to-know information for anyone venturing into digital entrepreneurship. I try to make the tech stuff legible to those who might otherwise find it inaccessible. It seeks to grow into a year-long program, where I work with founders as a non-equity temporary technical co-founder, of sorts and external CTO.