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  • DreamFreely

    This is the business side of things; the portal through which all monies and revenues are now directed and tracked. I’m using GNUCash, and hope to make some tutorial videos sooner than later. DreamFreely.Org

  • Poetree

    Building roots using written words. Sometimes it gets recorded …

  • Electronic Music

    As well as what the kids might call rap, or hip-hop. I have my feelings about this, as I’m a singer first and foremost; so to me it is more like syncopated singing :/ Culture Claps I: Daddy Raps by Culture Clap

  • Acoustic Music

    This is about acoustic music; guitar and hopefully piano soon. I suppose, this does start off with an electronic track, but the acoustic tracks are right after it. When Animals Attack Volume III: Obedience School by Culture Clap

  • Choá / Hola / Hello

    I’m finally getting things organized!! How great is that ?!? We’ll use this post to get a logistics and legalese out of the way. I do identify as indigenous; and I do feel sufficiently connected to my community to do so … after my personal needs are cared for, at least 10% of my personal […]