Choá / Hola / Hello

I’m finally getting things organized!! How great is that ?!?

We’ll use this post to get a logistics and legalese out of the way.

I do identify as indigenous; and I do feel sufficiently connected to my community to do so … after my personal needs are cared for, at least 10% of my personal income will always return to my community.

Most immediately it will go to the support a friend who teaches and helps to remember our original language. As well as another friend who maintains a garden on our ancestral land for classes, and other community gatherings.

Speaking of Money

Everything business-wise is now run through DreamFreely LLC, established in Minnesota since 2010; with a checking account held with Sunrise Banks.

All finances will be tracked using GNUCash, and I will aim to make finances transparent and available. This will all occur under the umbrella of Exo-CFO.

Projects > Posts

Instead of writing blog posts here, this section will be used to catalog the various projects being pursued.

Just basic descriptions and links, that can be updated as necessary; as most updates will be posted over on Ghost; for the time being.

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