Master the Matrix

That's what I wanted to learn; it only made sense.

Computers control everything these days.

Imagine if you could actually comprehend how they work !!

So that's what where we start.

And that's where we aim ~

The Book
Just the Basics

The amount of jargon that gets hyped into necessity is incredible!

I had the fortune of finding a mentor who was kind enough to field all of my inane questions.

It's a phase we all have to go through until we feel confident in our ability to search for our own answers, and dig through the overflowing stacks of possibilities.

Though I want to make it easier for others, get y'all up-to-speed as quickly as possible.

So that's what this book is about.

We run through the basics of computers through the lens of web development:

HTML, CSS, JS & Python.

With enough command-line action get ya comfortable.

Everything You Need to Know

Granted in the first four steps I just walk you through the basics, it's the remaining four steps that complete our foundation.

Here we learn the complete development stack, colloquially known as the full-stack.

Covering PostgreSQL databases, Django Servers and VueJS clients.

We dig deeper than the basics, and provide readers with a broad base of comprehensive knowledge. While providing templates that you can use to begin building your own projects!

The Lab

Enter JupyterHub

Reading is fun! But building is better.

That's why I've also built out a platform where you can practice your new-found skills, while working through the book.

So all you need is access to a web-browser!

Yup, that's right, JupyterHub, an evolution of iPython notebooks, provides the incredible inferface through which you can write code, run commands and reap the consequences!

The Impact

Build Baby Build

I think it's safe to say, one of the best ways to learn to code is to have a project.

Rebel Coding provides that project for you!

Though you are encouraged to create your own project throughout the reading as well.

We have a complete application in need of more scrapers, and to be maintained.

And that's where you come in!

Pick your pleasure, and help where you wanna learn!

It's an open-source platform expanding the outreach of the Open States project; so you're potentially helping people in your own community by learning to coding and practicing!

Get Started Today!

Gotta coupla bucks ?

It's $3 to get started with Just the Basics.

And $5 if you wanna to pre-order Everything You Need to Know.

Which covers the full PostreSQL / Django / Vue stack.

Along with your first pull-request, and few other nice-to-knows.

Buy the Book

Prices will be bumped up to $8 & $15, respectively, once Everything You Need to Know is vetted and completed, mind you.

So whatcha waitin' for?

Maybe to hear what others have to say ?

"[Culture Clap] breaks down difficult coding concepts and helps others learn no matter their skill level. He's a kind and patient teacher and storyteller. I feel like he's as much of a student as he is a teacher. Learning from him was an enjoyable experience."
~ Alicia
"[Culture Clap is] able to quickly pick up and adapt to new concepts, he is also able to break down these concepts and explain them easily for others to comprehend."
~ Ami
"Tired of the way most coding programs teach you? Check out this down to earth guide to coding! Get all you need to rapidly expand your ability to create websites, work on scripts, and run server side programs."
~ Chayton
"Culture Clap has a unique way of explaining the world of coding, giving a high-level overview of where there is to go, instead of just pushing ahead without a map. I highly recommend this approach, as I believe it aids the student in growing towards self-directed study."
~ Matt