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Why Sponsor?

You know the importance of Diversity, Innovations & Eco-Stewardship.

You know it ain't free.

Especially considering the way humanit been actin'.

So you wanna support someone who is actively making a difference every moment of every day.

It's only reasonable.

Plus the perks ain't bad either.

Client Sponsors

Limit 4

You could be the first; and have my undivided attention for two-hours every month.

You're darn tootin', though hours roll over!

Conference Sponsors

Limit 8

Every three months we're gonna to start hosting virtual conferences.

And you, my dear visionary, will have prime real estate to avail others of your ingenuity!

Community Sponsors

Limit 30

Have you heard about the new podcast starting up? 5Qi?

Here you'll get a shout-out each month.

Plus a crafty banner on the ol' blog.

As well as my personal gratitude, and the accompanying attention.

Pretty sweet deal, as I'm rather generous fellow.

That's why all these opportunities have their limits.

I'm not trying to smooze anyone.

I'm trying to build a community that values individuals.

Dharma Charmers

Community Supporters

You catch the drift, and you wanna help others too.

Anyone is able to rock this option!

Though I do ask you declare an expertise you'd specifically like to share.

Karma Farmers

Rhythm Section

Join the band!

All it takes is a dollar (USD) per month, and you'll get an all access pass to all the goodies and gadgets we create!